Designing Greeting Cards

Aspen Title Holiday Card

A good way to remind your clients that you’re always there for them is with a company greeting card! Inside, you can deliver well-wishes, gift cards, coupons, or outline your goals for the coming year.

While a popular time for greeting cards may be the holiday season, close to Christmas and New Years, these can be printed for other occasions. For instance, a restaurant may want to advertise themselves for Valentines Day, or a car dealership may want to run a promotion prior to the summer traveling season.

Vertical Layout

To set up a design for a vertically-folded greeting card, the front cover is set up on the right-hand side, and the back on the left-hand side. The inside is set up as you would see it when the card is opened. This is the simplest type of greeting card to set up and design for.

Greeting card printing sample of a vertical layout, showing the Back Cover & Front Cover, followed by the Inside Left and Inside Right.

In this diagram, Panel C is what would be first seen when opening up the card.

Horizontal Layout

When designing a horizontally-folded greeting card, the front cover is to be on the top and rotated. The back cover will be on the bottom of card. The inside will also be laid out as you would see it when the card is opened.

Greeting card example of correct orientation for a horizontal layout. Front cover is printed on top, outside. Back cover is printed on bottom, outside. Inside top is printed on the top. Inside bottom is printed on the bottom.

In the above diagram, Panel D is what would be first seen when opening up the card. Once it is printed, folded, and cut, it will display the front cover, inside, and back cover appropriately.

Greeting card example of an incorrect layout. The front cover is not played on the bottom of the outside.

The above diagram demonstrates an incorrect layout for this type of card. The front cover will inside appear on the back, and the inside would be upside-down.

Below is a demonstration of a real-world example. These are the art files for the header image of this article, greeting cards for Aspen Title Insurance Agency. As shown, the front cover is on top, and flipped 180 degrees. When the card is first opened, the greeting and signed names are present.

Print file example of the Aspen Title Holiday Card.

This is also a great example of a personalized touch that you can demonstrate to your own clients by printing your own custom greeting cards. Much like with business cards, these can also be adorned with foil or printed on specialty card stocks to grab extra attention.

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