Why Should I Buy a Designer Business Card?

A sample of our foil cards.

Throughout the United States, there are countless business cards handed out to new potential clients every day. Getting a standard business card and handing it out gets the job done, as far as providing your contact information. Hopefully, your verbal contact has left a greater impression on the quality of your products or services that you provide!

However, your business card itself may not give you an edge over your competition in the same industry. Often times, these business cards are the last afterthought of your company to a potential client. Your client may get a plethora of business cards from your competitors offering the same exact goods and services. What then? How does a future client choose between these companies after all is said and done?

Let’s say your potential client expects quality work to be done. Holding a business card that represents quality only adds to their impression of your company. Likewise, holding a cheap business card may suggest that you may be more affordable, but may be less satisfactory in quality. What if your performance itself does not actually reflect unsatisfactory work?

Unknowingly, your business card may have unintentionally set that impression. These are deep-rooted psychological judgments that may be going on in the back of your potential client’s mind. Just realize after your interaction with them, your business card is all that remains physically in their presence to remind them of you.

Designer business cards offer you a way to stand out from the rest of your competition. Everyone knows the five sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The more senses you can hit with your potential client, the better it will be remembered. Designer business cards can add even more sense to your future client’s mind than just hearing your sales pitch.

Designer business cards can offer dramatic visuals that are both stunning and memorable. Impressive colored foils accented throughout the card, vibrantly printed colors, and interesting spot UV patterns help draw the eye to study the card itself because of its visual splendor.

A defined, simple, clear message on a card that is easy to read can create a visual hierarchy and draw the eye from one set of information to the next. Visual icons help establish the bullet points of your services or contact info at a quick glance. Try adding your picture to a business card to help remind them of the conversation you had with them earlier. Your portrait keeps you visually top of mind.

We also offer designer business cards that appeal to the sense of touch. Incredibly soft touch Rose Petal Lamination just adds to the wow factor the moment the client comes in contact with it. Raised Spot UV adds 3D UV coating ridges and textures to the business card itself. Rounded Corners give a nice soft edge contour that is appealing to hold in the hand.

A sample of Raised High Gloss Spot UV applied to our business cards.

Our designer business cards are a wonderful way to offer a memorable experience to your future clients, and keep you top of mind. Check out all of the designer business card types we offer at Dreamscape Printing.

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