The Benefits of a Custom Logo Floor Mat

When a customer first walks into your office or store front, they are expecting a warm welcome, hopefully without dirty floors. Perhaps it’s raining or snowing outside, and they have no choice but to face the embarrassment of tracking in water or mud.

At the same time, you expect to showcase your branding, so that your client knows they are at the right place! Sometimes, that plain black floor mat that can just be bought anywhere won’t do. Maybe you want to even add a custom message, to make the customer feel even more welcome in your store.

A customized floor mat can serve both purposes: driving attention to your branding, while keeping your floors protected and clean.

Our floor mats are made with dyed nylon yarn, which is sure to hold its color and form, even after extended use. They are also easy to clean! All types can be vacuumed or carpet cleaned. Our Iconic Mats™ even hold up in a commercial washing machine.

See our guide below for more information about how to clean & wash floor mats. This includes how to clean rubber floor mats, such as our Titanium Mats™.

Mat TypeCommercial Washing MachineHose & DryWet/Dry Shop VacuumCarpet CleanerStandard VacuumDamp Wash ClothShake-Out Mat
Color Fusion Custom Mats™
Color Fusion Mats™
Iconic Mats™
Titanium Mats™
Wool Mats™

Each of our floor mat types can fill a specific purpose.

Our Color Fusion Custom Mats™ and Color Fusion Mats™ are great general-purpose options for hardwood floors. The Color Fusion series allows for a full color photographic print, which is perfect for logos with gradients or photo-realistic elements.

Select our Iconic Mats™ for more simplistic logos, with 8 colors maximum, including the background color. These floor mats come with 3 different options for backers, depending on the use case. Choose a Rubber Back with Gripper for a carpeted area, Rubber Back with Secure Tread for a tile or hardwood floor while providing a slight non-slip surface, or a Smooth Vinyl Backing also for hardwood and tile floors.

Max-A-Mats™ & Wool Mats™ are perfect for areas that may get heavier traffic, and require more protection. Our Wool Mats™ feature a waffle pattern, which works even better for scraping off dirt and mud.

Lastly, our Titanium Mats™ feature an all-rubber construction, and are perfect for areas around drinking fountains, counters, and drink stands in restaurants.

You shouldn’t have dirty and damaged floors, and it’s even better if you can protect your flooring while conveying a message.

Check out our store page and choose the floor mat best for your needs today!

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