The Best Interior Office Branding

An example of an interior acrylic letter sign with no lighting. Black and purple logo for Evolve Tax Services.

Adding branding to the exterior of your building is a great first step, especially when it comes to driving customers to your location. However, it’s also important not to neglect the interior space.

Bold branding adds a feel of legitimacy to your business. Customers will feel more secure in giving you their information if you work to prepare their taxes. Perhaps you run a law office, where image is key in showing that you will work your hardest for their case. A dentist’s or medical office is elevated beyond an empty slate. This is now the office of an absolute professional!

A photo of a

An example of an Interior Lit Sign for Northwestern Mutual

Interior Lit Signs are absolute attention grabbers! These will light up at night, displaying through an office window. These are perfect for a front desk, especially in a setting where you might occupy a building with multiple tenants, and people have to find their way through the halls once they’ve reached your address.

These signs are wired up to an existing power source, such as a light or outlet. They can be built to be reverse lit, front lit, or both!

Example of dimensional metal letters for JDB Law, PLLC. They are brushed silver.

An example of a Dimensional Metal sign for JDB Law in Utah.

Dimensional Metal Logos are made of solid aluminum or stainless steel. These can be mounted to the wall with adhesive or studs. These can also be powder-coated black, but many opt for a brushed metal look.

An alternative to these are Flat Cut Logos & Letters, made from composite material or flat metal. This can save on cost and weight, while also maintaining the brushed metal appearance.

An example of painted dimensional letters in purple and black for Evolve Tax Services.

An example of a painted Dimensional Acrylic sign for Evolve Tax Services.

Dimensional Acrylic Logos are molded and cut into shape before being painted. These can be color matched to an existing branding or logo guide. Much like with a metal sign, these can also instead be produced from a flat sheet instead, if the dimensional appearance isn’t desired. Acrylic letters can also be painted glossy or matte.

A photo of vinyl letters, printed gray and blue, for Choice Foodservice Equipment Co.

An example of vinyl letters on a wall.

Printed Vinyl Logos are the simplest form of applying a logo to a wall. At Dreamscape Printing, we be sure to use high quality, vehicle wrap grade vinyl, so that the paint isn’t damaged over time. These also have the shortest production time of these interior sign options.

There are many other ways to customize an interior sign, but the examples above are the most common. For example, you may want a sign with specialty LED lighting that can be set to different colors, or something that will mimic neon. Metal sheets can have pieces cut out with a router, or laser etched with a brushed silver face and black logos and lettering.

Whatever you choose, an interior sign will stand out to your clients, and also serve as a nice prop for tours, videos, and zoom calls.

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