Why Buy Custom Pens?

Customized pens are a great way to promote your business, whether they are to be used around the office, or meant to be handed out as a promotional item! Pens are useful to just about anyone, regardless of their role or profession. Because of this quality, they are unlikely to be thrown away and used for their entire lifespan.

The more high quality the pen is, the more likely someone is to hold onto it and use it. This is why you may want to select a pen based how smooth the ink lays down on the page, or based on how comfortable the grip is. For example, the Intensity Clic by BIC is an especially popular choice, since it features both a comfortable grip, and an ultra-smooth gel roller for ease of writing. A high quality pen also makes for a popular addition around the office, boosting you or your workers’ productivity.

An alternative is to select a pen based on coloration. The BIC Clic Stic can be fully customized with a different colored barrel and trim (plunger, clip, and tip). This way, your pen stand out in your company’s colors. It can then be easily seen and found among the clutter of a desk. In many cases, it’s even possible to print the logo to match the trim, as opposed to sticking to standard black or white!

The InkJoy by Paper Mate offers some of the best of both worlds, with a variety of bright translucent colors, a smooth writing experience, and a comfortable rubber grip. The InkJoy can even be customized with a variety of ink colors for a variety of uses, such as annotating, or just for fun!

A pen may also fit a specific niche. For instance, a Slick Screen Stylus functions as both a pen and a screen stylus for a tablet or smart phone. These are popular around medical offices, or other settings where employees may be wearing gloves, which inhibit regular touch screen use.

Which ever model you choose, pens are a great choice as a promotional item to fit into your budget. Anyone who uses the pen will be exposed to your name and business information. Customers may also “accidentally” walk away with one after an office visit, but is that really such a bad thing?

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